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Top 20 Traditional Dishes You Must Try in Dubai

With a combination of various cuisines like Iranian, Arabic, and Lebanese, you just can’t ignore the amazing flavors that Dubai has in store for you. Take a look at all the gastronomical delights that you must savor on your next trip to Dubai.
Options for Meat Lovers1. Al HareesThis is a wonderful combination of meat, a pot of wheat, and a pinch of salt that undergoes a lengthy process to produce! Al Harees is a traditional food in Dubai that is prepared on all the major occasions like weddings, Eid, and Ramadan.
2. Al MachboosThis is another famous traditional dish of the UAE. The important ingredients include rice, meat, onion, traditional spices and loomy (dried lemon). You can also enjoy eating the dish in an authentic way where it is served on a platter from where many can eat at the same time.
3. ShawarmaThis celebrated and perhaps the most eaten food in Dubai has increased in popularity in Asia as well. This dish is made from lamb or chicken meat, accompanied with a colorful array…

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